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Fine Art in Oil and Watercolor


As promised, we have added a secure online purchasing system.  I hope you enjoy the new site format. Happy sailing!

Please feel free to browse the Products page to get an idea of the current work available for purchase.  If you're interested in ordering a drawing or custom picture, mail purchases can be arranged by phone, email or fax depending    on needs.  Custom orders are outlined under the "Payment and Pricing" to the left. For an added convenience we have added a feedback form that can be used for setting up an order.    Lastly, please take a moment to add your comments to the guest book and share your thoughts on the site and my work.  I appreciate this! If the links below fail, Please notify me by email or phone.  Thanks for your interest!                  John Myers - JM                 

Currently available

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On Birch and Poplar.

By clicking on the images below you will be taken to the page displaying the latest in available paintings on wood. The technique used for these is explained in detail  on the "Drawing " page.



Giclee prints


(The images below are linked to the respective galleries of available work)



For thousands of years pyrographic art, or wood burning, has found its way through cultures around the world.  The diversity and beauty of this art can only be described by viewing the works of the many artists who have focused their talents towards it. Its a true art which takes on many forms in detail, tone and overall appearance. 

In a very unique combination, the images you see here combine this ancient form of art with techniques in oil painting, watercolor and wood working.  These techniques combine a very unforgiving combination of sketching, oil painting, watercolor and wood burning. The results are stunning examples of intricately detailed works of art that become more interesting the closer one gets.

As a person who has always had great respect for the ocean and the things that surround it, I've come to enjoy my work as an extension of my interests. The diversity of the ocean and the things that surround it offer an un-ending abundance of beauty and subject matter. The mixture of natural tones and details in pyrography lend themselves perfectly to a nautical setting. ......JM

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Heceta Head, Oregon appx. 14"X18" 

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