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Artists Statement

"It is very difficult in this day and age to come up with styles or ‘trends’ that are different than the rest. Attention to detail, beauty and the time we need to perfect our talents takes considerable effort, often giving way to much less important instances in our lives.    The work I do is a representation of my interest in the beauty of detail and natural tones that many of us experience in maritime and nautical scenery.  As much as it is the of receptions I’ve learned to respect through years of living around the ocean, it’s a way of exemplifying the need for details combined with the respect and admiration for natural beauty in our lives."  

"I don’t see my work as an extension of anyone in particular. Comparing it doesn’t really interest me. It’s more of a feeling than anything else. Every artist has the opportunity to bring new style into his work. His work will be the culmination of his abilities and interaction with the world around him. It’s not the fact that a person sits on the side of a lake or spends his life walking the beaches of the world…easel in hand. It’s the conscience development within a person that leads him by the hand during the journey".

John Myers.

    The Artist

Born in Newport Beach CA, John began his interest in nautical art while living on the beaches of California and Hawaii.  Influenced by his surroundings he began drawing boats and ocean scenes while in the first grade.   This interest continued through grade school and earned him an opportunity to have several of his drawings featured at exhibits for students at museums in the Los Angeles area.  He continued to pursue his interest in art and began attending art classes by the third grade and continued to do so until he graduated High school in 1984. In 1985 he continued his work while in the Air Force were he did a number of aircraft drawings and murals for people and offices at bases in Europe. In 1985 John began to sell his work at arts and crafts shows at various bases in Germany but his true desire was to return to the ocean.  After spending nearly twelve years in Europe,  John returned to the United States and now focuses his attention on the beauty and diversity of nautical scenery here on the Chesapeake Bay.

Beginning in 2000 John began participating in many art shows on the east coast. In addition to finding his work at shows, he features some of his work at the Calvert Marine Museum in Solomon's Island, Maryland.  During this short period, his work has found the interests of collectors in homes and offices across the U.S. and in Europe. Be sure to check our 'Shows" page to find out where his work will be featured this year.

After gaining an appreciation for the depth and details attained in pyrographic art John went on to develop a style of his own which can only be described by seeing his work in person. Please take the time to visit our "Drawing" page which shows some of his work at different stages. His work is an extension of Pyrogravure colorée which is a form of pyrographic art using different techniques for blending oil color deep into the wood.

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